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Whisper Wind Turbines. We are currently stocking the Whisperin the US. The Whisper Wind Turbines carry a one year warranty. The Solar Store maintains a stock of spare parts and a repair facility is available in the US for WhisperWhisper and Whisper wind turbines.

Top 5 QUIETEST Generators - You Want it, We Found It!

The Whisper is designed to operate in a site with low to medium speed averages of 8 mph, 3. In addition to its patented smooth acting side furling design, the Whisper has a number of new features that make it idea for any new or existing photovotaic system.

A new four bearing spindle for a smoother operation and longer life. An upgraded Yaw shaft that more efficiently delivers current to your batteries.

whisper generators

New bronze bushing and larger diameter furling pin for smoother furling action. New castings that allow easy access to the stator for changing voltage.

The Whisper is designed for even the novice. The Whisper can be installed in just a few hours with no welding or cranes. Now wind is as easy to use as photovoltaics. Why small wind?


Solar and wind resources often compliment each other. Generally when it is sunny it is calm and when it is cloudy it is windy. This complimentary effect is even greater during seasonal changes. During the winter and spring when the sun is at its least exposure, the wind is at it highest. A Whisper during these periods is essential to keep your batteries charged and your lights on.

Exclusive to the Whisper, the side-furling Angle-Governor protects the turbine in high winds by turning the alternator and blades out of the wind, reducing turbine exposure.Also, inverter generators are whisper-quiet and produce clean energy.

Again, you pay for a much higher quality generator. Are these things worth paying extra for? Only you can make that decision. First, what size do you consider small? This is an excellent small generator β€” in my opinion β€” with wheels and telescoping handle, making it easy to move around.

Both of these generators have a maximum peak power output of W and watts of constant running power. So, even though the Westinghouse has W more peak power, we can basically classify all these generators as 1KW quiet inverter generators give or take a few watts. What exactly are you looking for? Gas inverter generator or battery generator? All three of these generators use inverters with a low Harmonic Distortion HD pure sine wave. When looking at a generator in this wattage class, an inverter is definitely more important than it would be for a larger generator.

This means that most people will be running electronic equipment on these small generators β€” TVs, computers, stereos and the like. It is these appliances that are most affected by HD because they rely heavily on electronic circuitry. Electronics is what is damaged by a distorted sine wave. An inverter is the only sure way of protecting these electronic devices from excessive HD.

The second reason why an inverter is so important is purely because of the size of the alternator. The larger a generator is, the better it is at handling power fluctuations.

You, therefore, need that inverter to protect your equipment. All of these generators have parallel connection ports. This means that you can connect them to another generator in the same model range and increase the power output to that of all the generators connected in parallel. This versatility has great advantages. You never need to be limited to the power output of that small generator because when more power is required, you can simply connect a second generator or more, in most cases and have all the power you need for larger appliances.

These small generators are ideal for campsites and neighborhoods where noise is an issue. All the quiet generators in this review produce noise levels lower than 65dBA.

A normal conversational voice is around 65dBA, so these generators can only be described as whisper quiet. By using low-noise engines, improved muffler designs, and insulated acoustic enclosures, these generators are able to run much quieter than they otherwise would have. Another benefit of using inverter technology is the ability to lower the engine revs when the power demand is low. Most generators run at a constant RPM.

Thereby reducing the fuel consumption and the noise levels β€” an engine is quieter at low revs. One of the concerns with gas engines these days is emission controls. Worldwide, an emphasis is being placed on producing internal combustion engines that produce low levels of harmful emissions. Regulations vary, but just about every country in the world has emission control certifications.

The state of California has about the strictest emission control standards in the world. This means that in order to sell a gas generator in California, these units have to comply with a separate set of standards set by the California Air Resources Board CARB.

This means that they can be sold throughout the US. WEN i Easy to carry around Read review.

whisper generators

All these generators have a modern design, favoring an enclosed casing over a steel frame. The casings used for these generators are primarily aimed at reducing noise, whilst still protecting the engine and alternator from damage when transporting them.Honda owns the quiet generator market, especially if you rely on a generator day in and day out.

A Honda W EUis.

whisper generators

Yes, they are expensive for most homeowners and there are some excellent alternatives, which we review in this article. But, if you genuinely wan the best and can afford itthen a Honda is the only way to go. After weeks of research and test driving I choose a Honda. Truly, Honda knows how to make an engine that will endure over time, and with generators, they better start when your life depends on it.

I put my money where my mouth is. Honda quality is exceptional, but it may not be what you need, I understand. Buy what you can afford. There are a few NEW inverter generators we recommend for :. It does depend on your budget. Fortunately you can still get a quiet generator for little money in In fact, they are getting cheaper year by year.

It happened on a campsite more than a few years ago. I was expecting to hear the birds chirping, or at the very least the wind blowing through the trees overhead. Do you enjoy the sound of your alarm clock knocking you out of your deep sleep at 7am? Sadly, traditional gas generators have that same affect on your psyche. In the modern world, t echnology has advancedmeaning, if you have the money to spend, then buy the quieter generator. On the flip side, money is a very real issue for most people in the world.

If you need backup power and have a limited budget then buy a cheaper gas generator. No need to feel any shame about that. We usually need a generator for one of two reasons. Some of us love spending time in the great outdoors, and others want a generator handy in case the weather plays up and the lights go out.However, the constant noise can be really uncomfortable.

Going for a quiet generator will save you and your neighbors from the continuous noise. You want a quiet portable generator with an engine that runs quieter and with less vibration, within the available budget.

And, you will be amazed that some of the quietest generators are actually quieter than an average conversation. Besides, a large aftermarket exists in advanced noise reduction solutions to achieve better quiet running generators. Rest assured, we will cover everything in this guide. We are focusing on small quiet generators, primarily the W and W range inverter generators.

They deliver enough power to keep your essential appliances running during blackouts or charge your equipment in camping adventures. Besides, they carry the best features to run quietly. The Honda EUiS, silent, dependable, and provides reliable high-performance.

An ideal portable power for RVscamping, and basic home backup. This top rated quiet generator employs inverter technology to produce up to watts surge and watts of continuous stable and clean power, that can be used on sensitive appliances and electronics.

This gas powered inverter generator runs for 20 hours on just 3. If you require much more power, then you can connect two of such generators with a parallel cable for double the power. Has 2 handles on the sides, and moving it from place to place is a two-man job. The Honda EUiS is a reliable, powerful generator that runs smoothly and quietly. Also, proves more than capable of handling your power needs.

See also β€” Honda EUi review.


At WEN, they do their best to create reliable budget-friendly products, and the i is an excellent example of that. It has watts of surge power, leveling out at watts of running power.We love Honda and love to convert Honda generators but we are not a Honda Dealer. Please contact your local Honda dealer for all of Honda's great products! Honda is a regisered trademark of Honda Motor Co.

Please note we are not a Honda dealer. Honda is a registered trademark of Honda Motor Co. Terms of Use. Quick Links. Sales GenconnexDirect. Ultra-quiet, Ultra-reliable, long-lasting backup power. We want to help everyone, but because of the large increase in calls, if you are unable to reach us by phone please leave a message or send an email and we will do our best to return your call or email as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience! Honda has issued and started supplying in limited amounts a simple fix to address their stop-shipments on EUi.

If you are called or emailed because you are on our list, please respond as soon as possible as quantities will be limited for the next weeks while Honda works to upgrades their warehouse inventory. Thank you. Ultra-quiet, reliable, long-lasting, portable backup.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Energy Electricity Generation. Consumer Electronics Walkie Talkie. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Contact Supplier. Hotselling 50 kw 4 stroke soundproof diesel whisper generator. Middle Production-send photos to show the production line which you can see your products in. Clients make payment for balance and Ship the goodsInform the tracking number and check the status for clients.

Whisper quiet generator silent lpg generator portable home generators. Tradeplain of Voganville. Good Condition. Reliable Power Source. Daily Runner. Whisper Power M-SC 3. Jaya Maritim Raya. Luminous Windistar 4. South West Windpower. We will do our best to send the products to you as soon as quickly.

whisper generators

Q:Could I have a sample to check the quality 9 A:Yes,and we provide sampling service according to your requirement.Whisper provide the quietest and most reliable generators available, to customers in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and London. For more than 10 years, Whisper generators have provided clean, quiet and reliable power to a wide variety of events ranging from local weddings and special parties to the Olympic Games, Royal Jubilee celebrations and Hollywood film sets!

We offer a dedicated, professional and cost-effective service and are proud of the high proportion of customers who choose to use us again and again. To discuss your power requirements with one of our team of experts, just give us a call on or email info whispergenerators. Powering Events:.

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Whisper Generator Hire High Wycombe. Customer Reviews div. Fantastic service, great company to deal with, all lovely people and saved the day at the last minute! Thank you!! Very very highly recommend!! Everything went great. Both the guys who dropped it off and collected it were very helpful and set the generator up and cleared it quickly and easily.

The generator was quiet as well, which meant I had no complaints about noise. All in all very happy! Whisper Generators were fantastic and really helpful when I used them for a very large Charity Ball with over guests. My main concerns when hosting such a large event was that I could supply my clients with a reliable generator.

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