Tidal 192khz

Sometime soon, hopefully before the end ofNorth American audiophiles will have their choice of two high-resolution music-streaming services. One of them is a familiar name -- now available in 57 countries, Tidal has been operating in North America since The other is a relative unknown, at least on the west side of the Atlantic.

Based in France, Qobuz has been operating sincebut until now has been available only in a few European countries.

The US would come first, with Canada following a few months later. However, as I completed this feature in late October, the North American version of Qobuz was still a work in progress. My demo account of Qobuz was for the European version. Tidal, too, is in flux. Rumors have circulated for months that Tidal would soon issue apps permitting hi-rez playback on mobile devices, but as I put this piece to bed that had yet to happen.

Of course, streaming services are always in flux -- in terms of the content offered, the software and user experience, and which devices are compatible with which services. But the current situation is unusually fluid. Playing the same recordings, does one of these services sound better than the other? Do Tidal and Qobuz sound different at all?

Comparing the sound quality of the two services can help shed light on the MQA debate. MQA vs. This behavior has implications far beyond audio: It poisons public discourse throughout the world. Critics of MQA question the need for reduced file size, citing the availability of fast broadband Internet service.

In our home in Toronto, Canada, the download speed is typically over 80Mbps. Qobuz and Tidal are both rock-solid. At our vacation home in a small beach town on Lake Huron, the fastest Internet service available to us has a rated download speed of 6Mpbs. Often, the actual speed is 2Mbps or lower. With Qobuz, I frequently experience dropouts at this location when playing hi-rez music.

Tidal review

This happens less often with Tidal. According to MQA, the anti-aliasing filters used in recording and the reconstruction filters used in playback add ringing artifacts that smear sharp transient sounds, such as a staccato piano note.

Depending on the filter design, this ringing can occur before and after the transient, an effect that never occurs in nature or in analog recording. During MQA encoding of existing digital recordings, a secondary filter is applied to reduce the ringing artifacts introduced in the A-to-D process. During playback through an MQA-capable DAC, the reconstruction filter algorithm is designed to minimize ringing artifacts in the music being played.

The need for this processing, and its efficacy, have been hotly debated on Internet forums and in the audiophile press. Even if the masters Tidal and Qobuz use for their hi-rez streams are different, comparisons are justified from a real-world perspective.What A Wonderful World.

Louis Armstrong. The Girl From Ipanema. O Sole Mio. The Three Sounds. Introducing The 3 Sounds. Bill Evans. Further Conversations With Myself. Grover Washington, Jr. Midnight Blue Remastered. Kenny Burrell. Midnight Blue Remaster Remastered.

tidal 192khz

Linus And Lucy. Vince Guaraldi. Giant Steps. John Coltrane. Art Blakey. My Song. Autumn Leaves. Cannonball Adderley. Somethin' Else. My Favorite Things. A Head Full of Dreams. Diana Krall. Turn Up The Quiet. My Girl. The Temptations. The Sad Cafe Remaster. The Long Run.Tidal's expansive, accessible and hi-res-inclusive catalogue remains the best option for streaming-savvy audiophiles. Tidal has been riding an encouraging wave of momentum since its celebrity-studded re-launch in March And in it became the first service to offer hi-res audio streaming, thanks to its adoption of MQA technology.

But Tidal is now far from the only hi-res player in the music streaming game, with both Qobuz and now Amazon offering better-than-CD streams, the latter at a significantly lower price.

So is Tidal still number one? Google Chromecast is supported as well. Initially, Tidal HiFi members wanting to take advantage of Masters were limited to the desktop app or a Bluesound Node 2 streamer which can connect directly to Tidal Masters via the Bluesound app, negating the need for a PC or laptopbut those Masters are now available via both Android and iOS, as well as being supported natively by a number of those aforementioned hi-fi components.

There are a few complications, however. Listening through a computer, via its 3. The only way to entirely unpackage an MQA file for playback, and therefore give you a more accurate representation of the file based on your system characteristics, is by pairing your Apple or Android device with an MQA-compatible DAC, taking the decoding process away from the software Tidal app. The Meridian Explorer 2for example, lights up to show whether a track has a sampling rate of 88kHz or 96kHz, or kHz or kHz.

Without it, the resolution remains a mystery. We highlighted this when we first reviewed Tidal Masters but, unfortunately, it remains an issue. We also noted that Masters music can be hard to find, and that's still the case. The desktop app's large number of tabs has been reduced to match the smartphone app, with the majority of content now grouped under the catch-all 'Home' tab. At the top is a big and bold selection of featured content, while below that you'll find playlists created for you, based on your listening habits.

Tidal appears to have taken a leaf out of Spotify's book by prioritising the discovery of new music tailored to your tastes, and it does so effectively. Just a couple of weeks of listening and favouriting is enough to start getting worthwhile recommendations. Below these personalised sections in the Home tab, you'll find sections dedicated to the most popular playlists and albums on the service, as well as mood-based playlists, podcasts, radio stations and the Tidal Rising section, which helps promote new talent.

Away from 'Home' the two main tabs are 'Explore', which duplicates many of the discovery elements of 'Home' and seems rather redundant, and 'Videos', which hosts music videos. The final tab is 'My Collection', which groups all of your favourited music and custom playlists and also houses your downloads. While the kbps streams just pip their Spotify and Deezer equivalents with a slightly richer, fuller-bodied sound, tracks streamed in lossless offer much more detail, a better sense of space and a tighter handle on timing than their kbps counterparts.

It digs up more inflections in the accompanying vocals, too. Play the Masters version of Dear Life by Beck and the piano-led rhythm is executed more precisely than the CD-quality version. Amazon Music HD does counter with an occasionally more open and detailed delivery, but it's the Tidal Masters that are most musical.

Where Masters were once a niche sub-section of the service's offering, the catalogue is now much bigger and much easier to take advantage of, thanks to broader device support. Of course, we won't be happy until every track is available in Masters quality on every device, but there's no doubt Tidal is already ahead of the pack here. The arrival of Amazon Music HD will no doubt have Team Tidal looking over its shoulder, and you wouldn't bet against Bezos's crew catching up at some point, but if you're in the market for superior music streams right now, Tidal is the service we'd most heartily recommend.

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tidal 192khz

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the old tidal/mqa vid. WATCH THE OTHER BETTER VERSION

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tidal 192khz

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tidal 192khz

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