Rp calculator wow classic

Forgot your password? Click the links below to navigate the guide or read this page for a short introduction. Champions of the light, Paladins bring powerful blessings, potent heals, and an array of auras that make them excellent at supporting a raid group.

Paladins are also clad in plate armor, making them quite durable and hard to kill in PvP. Perhaps most importantly though, Paladins have a wide array of powerful cooldowns, some of which are considered to be among the most powerful in the game. While Retribution Paladins are not going to top meters with their damage, they do offer incredibly support tools and cooldowns that can make them worth a raid spot in some groups.

Your seals and Judgement combine to unleash Holy damage upon enemies, which can be reasonably effective when played well. While Retribution Paladins are not considered to be a meta class, they are viable when you put in the effort with extra consumables and prep. In PvP, Retribution Paladins are walking juggernauts that beat their foes down with auto attacks and Holy damage.

rp calculator wow classic

While you have limited mobility, your array of powerful cooldowns enables you to take on any player out in the world, and more importantly to support your group when needed. Hammer of Justice is one of the best stuns in the game, and can be devastating when setting up kill windows on potential targets. Paladins are an Alliance only class, meaning you must be Alliance to play a Paladin. Within the Alliance, Paladins can choose to be either Human or Dwarf.

rp calculator wow classic

Humans are going to be the best race for Retribution Paladins primarily due to the extra weapon skill you get from Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization. In WoW Classic, weapon skill is incredibly important and will increase your chance to hit, reduce glancing blows, and reduce dodged attacks.

Humans also have some other nice racial abilities such as Diplomacy which is a nice quality of life bonus when farming important reputations. Perception can also be quite good in PvP, but is situational and hard to use since you need to activate it to detect stealthed targets around you.

Roleplaying gear

Dwarf is a viable race for PvP due to Stoneformbut is not a damage increase making them strictly worse in PvE. Stone Form gives you an 8-second immunity to any bleed, poison, or disease, which can be incredibly important in some raids.

In AQ40, poisons are incredibly common, making Stone Form invaluable on many bosses. While it will not be meaningful in every raid and dungeon, when it is usable, it is powerful. In PvP, Stone Form is a game changing ability against Rogues and Warriorsand can counter their bleeds and poisons that could potentially kill you.

pvp rank/RP calculation: classic wow vanilla pvp ranking system explained part 4

Specifically against Rogues, Blind is considered a poison effect, giving you a free counter against one of their best control spells.This article will attempt to cover the mathematical formulas that are known about the honor system pre Some of this information was derived by other authors.

Sources are listed at the end in the References section. Note that in the old system, rank was used to determine what equipment you can purchase at the PVP faction vendors. This system is mathematically equivalent to the system described above, but it gives a better understanding of the reason why decay exists and how it is expected to work.

This Rule of Thumb is an approximation. It is particularly bad for the highest rank brackets where voluntary server caps and individual performance can wildly skew the CP required. If you are looking to make the top 13 or 14 bracket on your server, you are better off inspecting people already in that bracket to see how much honor they are making.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The subject of this article was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 2. This includes items and quests that can no longer be obtained. The in-game information in this article is kept purely for historical purposes and should probably not be under any other categories.

rp calculator wow classic

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. These observations are approximate due to the sparse data available in the low-ranking groups.Forgot your password? The Honor system acts as a progression system for players that want to PvP. It brings with it the famed rank titles and rewards, as well as Honorable and Dishonorable Kills. Each week, players will be given a title and rank according to their current amount of Contribution Points. This rank lasts for the week and will then be updated the following week, depending on that player's PvP activity.

The Honor system introduces Honorable Kills, which is part of the calculation that decides what PvP rank you are given.

WoW Classic Honor System Overview

An Honorable Kill is a kill on an enemy player that is either the same level as you or within 10 levels below. The kill will have a numerical value attributed to it, given in Honor, which allocates each player an amount that they are "worth". This is calculated by looking at the player's past experience in PvP, how many Honorable Kills they have, and their rank.

As implied by the name, a Dishonorable Kill occurs when a player kills a "civilian" NPC; these are NPCs of the enemy faction that have a Civilian tag and can normally be found in leveling areas around the game. If you kill a Civilian NPC, you will lose points in the Honor system and, if you continue to do it, you can receive even greater penalties, such as completely losing a rank.

Contribution Points are a term used to refer to the points that are used to calculate the rank a player will receive for that week. In-game, this is the amount of Honor you have. Rank Points are what dictate your position in the weekly rankings and are calculated by a formula using your current rank, the number of Contribution Points you received, any decay changes, and your past activity. Battlegrounds can also award Honor, in the form of extra points that are given for completing objectives.

This is added to the Honor total that you receive, in addition to the points gained by killing players. Alterac Valley contains a huge number of activities when compared to the other battlegrounds, meaning it can be an extremely good way of farming Honor. Warsong Gulch grants bonus Honor for only 2 things that are integral to the battleground: capturing flags and winning the game.

Players can also obtain points by killing the opposing faction's leaders, with the points being split between the raid dependant on their contribution to the kills. Each rank has a minimum rank point requirement, as listed below. To receive Rank 1, you simply need to have obtained 15 Honorable Kills to qualify for the rank, rather than requiring a number of Rank Points.

Each week, players will be given a PvP rank, which is dependant on the amount of Honor they have accumulated in comparison to other players on the server.Roleplaying gearalso known as "Town Gear", is gear chosen for aesthetics rather than a game play advantage. It is sometimes used by roleplayers as a way to help distinguish or add flavor to their character, but is more often than not chosen simply because it looks good.

RP gear is distinguished from transmogrification gear by the fact that it is not always valid for transmogrification.

For instance, a plate wearing class may choose to wear a cloth robe for their RP Gear, which would not be valid for transmogrification. Any gear can potentially be RP Gear. Typically, gear that changes the look of the character is chosen, but even items that can only be seen on inspection can be used to add flavor. Acquiring RP Gear can be a drive for players to do older content, including dungeonsraidsquestsand reputation grinds.

It can also drive Poor or common quality to ludicrous prices on the auction house. As an example: during Vanillathe Twill "Set" - a collection of level poor quality items - was highly sought by roleplayers, and would sell on the auction house for several gold.

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Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Wowpedia Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO.Normal servers are just PVP servers without the whole world killing eachother. Making something out of the sand given to you. RP communities have more casual communities and people socialize more.

RP-PVP servers are usually the best experience. PVE servers are typically the worst. Raids take 3x the time because everyone is engaged in narrative and Shakespearean dialogue. Makes the raid more dramatic, yanno. Aye, a good washin ye need before gracing the king with your lilly-livered presence.

Keep the pet on a leash. Yes, there are.

Classic Retribution Paladin DPS Guide

Most PVP servers have hardcore raiding guilds compared to Normal on average. But you can def find a no life raiding guild on a RP server. Outside of those who join an RP realm to troll, most join with an eye toward thinking of Azeroth as a world, and playing as their character would interact with a world.

That leads to a community that is a little more tilted toward appreciating the questing, the journey of leveling, the world design, rather than fixed on end-game goals and BiS lists. All said, however, every community develops independently. Back when there were dozens of RP realms, each had its own unique flavor and style. In later years many people moved to Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord, and I rolled alts there but never found as appealing a community.

Make a horde character on Tichondrius, or an Alliance on Sargeras. Listen to trade chat for about fifteen minutes. Then go make a character on Wyrmrest Accord for Horde, or Moonguard for Alliance, and do the same thing. RP communities are generally more welcoming, nicer, more literate, and less likely to explode into politics or religion. Overall there will be some differences in the way people interact on some level but youll still find non RP guilds and players As long as you respect other people and how they play.

There wont be any major issues. Overall i think the community will be the most long lasting on the RP server overall as they can create there own entertainment with different events.

I wouldnt expect it to be cutting edge. When i was on Malestrom during TBC even though we got server First many times it was the running joke of Months behind!Some people need to be reminded of this for some reason. However, I will debate anyone who disagrees rationally and with vaild counterpoints. Tl;dr at the bottom. Alas, there is nothing to fear. Classic WoW is the perfect stage for quality, loreful roleplay to return to WoW. And I mean in the most true sense of those words.

Flashy gear is going to be very hard to get. The freedom to do so has spawned various, almost off brand archetypes that plague both WrA and MG. Not in Classic. Because of the lack of gear, the freedom to RP these outlandish characters has been almost eliminated, effectively creating an environment that will encourage RP that adheres to Classic lore and the respected lore of Warcraft III.

The vast majority of RPers who play those parts now just do it so that they can wear the gaudiest gear available and feel good about it. Not good for the community as it subtracts from other roles that can bring the world to life. Also to note, there are some exceptional RPers who deserve to look the part, and I believe that their roleplay will be enough to get them recognized.

Looking forward to NOT seeing a pack of Illidari casually playing cards in an inn. The same applies to other classes that are endowned with insane power. Win win. No more will players be tempted by gameplay mechanics that were added simply because the developers needed to keep people interested.

Your mage is not on par with Kalec anymore. No more will players RP the Grand General of the 17th Battalion, esquire, who is also a part time yoga instructor and the greatest chef on Azeroth. Good luck getting the gear to look like one. No more will players be shackled down by the unfortunate storytelling of the past few expansions.

Ideally, MG and WrA will be fragmented to leave only the off brandish, fan fictiony, dragon wannabe roleplayers that have become the trademark of those realms while Classic servers will be full of people who know how to roleplay.

Anyone going there expecting to control what everyone else does is going to be deeply disappointed yet again. It will, however, be devoid of transmog and goblins- among other additions to the game that I really enjoy.

And honestly, so what if he is RPing that kinda character. Good RP is out there in BfA. How good of a roleplayer you are has nothing to do with your outfit. Sure, some nice armor is cool, but in the current iteration of the game, it is easy to see which mogs are the low effort ones. Classic may be good for RP, but gear restrictions will certainly not be the reason why. However, I suggest take your elitest gatekeeping nonsense away from our server it is not something many of us have a habit of tolerating and the response you get this time around will be no different than last time or any other time you feel the need to vomit this idiocy all over us.

Honor system (pre-2.0 formulas)

This is my favorite part.If you find an Addon that has a broken download link or any other problem, please Contact me! A large collection of Classic WoW Addons. If you are working on porting Addons to classic wow, here are some helpful resources: Complete variable list Classic function list If you find an Addon that has a broken download link or any other problem, please Contact me! Questie Classic. OneBag3 Classic. Recount — Classic. Bagnon is a highly customizable bag replacement addon designed to help the player find items as quickly and as easily as possible.

Vendor Price. Auctioneer Suite provides you with the tools and data necessary to make those difficult auctioning decisions with ease. Simple Auction functionality in one additional tab. Post multiple Auctions see current prices in one window.

Restores cooldown swipe timers on default Target Frame and Blizzard Raid Frames to the best of its ability. Provides additional warnings sounds pop-up messages and all sorts of other things for boss Encounters particularly in Raids. Very useful often required by Raiding Guilds.

Z-Perl UnitFrames. OmniCC Classic. OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items, spell and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will. Atlas World Map Classic. Real Mob Health. AtlasLoot Classic is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game.

rp calculator wow classic

BigWigs is a boss encounter add-on. It consists of many individual encounter scripts, or boss modules. MikScrollingBattleText Classic quickfix. Titan Panel Classic. Damage Meter Classic. World of Warcraft addon that provides a powerful and flexible framework to display highly customizable graphics on your screen.

ClassicThreatMeter is a threat meter for WoW Classic that attempts to provide reasonably accurate estimates of your group's relative threat values against enemy NPCs by recording pertinent data from t. MonkeyQuest Classic. Dominos Classic. Modern QuestWatch. VuhDo Classic. MapCoords Classic.