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She controlled herself and became unconscious on the sofa. The other side, Kunj felt as if he were a corpse. He absent-mindedly sat on the bed and thought about what happened few moments ago. Her words were banging in his head. Her face was pale with tear stains down her cheeks.

His heart sank on seeing herthis way. He felt guilty yet again. Water pooled in his eyes. Maine tujhe bahut dukh diye hain! You tried to work our marriage, but I ignored it like a jerk! You loved me but I ……I….

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I only considered you as my bed mate……I never cared for you, for your happiness……I ignored you but you still loved me. Maine jaan buj kar tujhe takleefe di hai! Maafi kaise manguga tujhse? Sharam aa rahi mujhe apne aap par! He felt her twitching in her sleep, laying on the uncomfortable sofa. He gently picked her up in his arms and laid her on the bed. He hesitantly moved his hand towards her and caressed her cheek and admired her for the last time before moving out of the room.

All through the night, he kept thinking about Twinkle. He could not sleep. How could he sleep peacefully? She tried to behave cold towards him. She tried to avoid him. Kunj was trying hard to talk to her but every time either she ignored him or he lacked the courage because of his guilt. He could not even look straight into her eyes because of his guilty conscience. He was longing to hear her voice. He was longing for her. He was missing her!

He hated himself more now for he had broken Twinkle completely. Twinkle……Meri baat sun! Pata nahi…. Teri chuppi sahi nahi jaati…. Dant le…. Thappad mar de…. Akela ho gaya hoon main tere bina…. I am nothing without you…….

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rishta nj

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rishta nj

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Disclaimer:This story deals with how an abusive and forced relationship works and where realisations are made. So read cautiously!! So bad! She was still eating when her phone beeped. Taiyaar nahi hui toh godh mein utha ka le jaungaGhar ke kapdo mein!! You know I can do it! She threw her phone back. Two headed Janus! Kabhi kuch hota haikabhi kuch…. Neither I do love him…. More than yourself. You are also mean to him sometimes….

She was in a conflicting situation. She took out his clothes first. She walked through her closet but found nothing appropriate to wear. She had to look gorgeous. She checked each dress. She quickly changed into it. After having done so, she stood in front of the mirror and enhanced her beauty with little make-up.

A winged eye-liner, bronzer,peachy-brown lipstick, a little mascara and she was done. She opened her already shampood hair with a center part.

She took out her heels. My husband is so tall!Register Free Login. Male Female. Muslim Hindu Christian Sikh Other. Any Community Sunni Shia Other. Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Pierre and Miquelon St. Search Advance Search. Pakistani Community Only for Pakistani community. Rishta by Castes Considering the cultural values.

rishta nj

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She is 25, Never Married.Kunj was not in a proper state. His hair were messy,shirt was out of the pants, blazer was in on his shoulder. He looked drunk but could manage himself as he was habitual of partying and getting drunk after his office. Kahan the Kunj!? Where were you!? He removed her hand from his arm and walked in.

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Will stop being so difficult!?!!! He threw his shoes in one corner and started removing his clothes. He threw things everywhere. Twinkle was pissed as was tired of his behavior.

Then go ahead. I am your wife but not your maid or bed-mate!!!! What can be worse than this!! Twinkle with her other hand got rid of his hold, she pushed him back. I am telling you with love…. Stay away from me and from my matters…. Twinkle was crying. She had been through this every day since they got married.

She tried to make this meaningless relationship work but failed. Their relationship was not more than a bodily relationship. Twinkle felt dejected and slept on the other side of the bed.

Kunj was getting ready. He was asking for coffee from past 10 minutes. I was talking to Riya…! So your stupid friend is important than me…. Sar pe Dal lo apne!!! Twinkle was surprised. This man was too much. She was frustrated of his rude behavior. She placed the mug on the table with jerk. She sat on the couch cursing her fate. Twinkle always believed that one day her prince charming would come and take her on a white mare. She was happy that she got married to Kunj,her prince Charming.

But soon, she discovered that she was wrong.