How many autoflowers under 600w hps

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Joined Nov 29, Messages 4 Reaction score 0. First time grower. I have 9 plants under a w hps. How much does anyone think I will yield? I have used fox farms ocean forest soil. Fox farms big grown nutes during veg. I thought some of them would be males but they all turned out female. They are all about 3 feet tall right now I may have vegged too long.

how many autoflowers under 600w hps

Rule of thumb is 1g per watt in perfect conditions Time4Plan-B Guest. Yeh 1gpw is nice but not easy to achieve imho but you should get 9oz min dry if things go your way with no problems. Rosebud Organic dirt farmer. Joined Jan 2, Messages 23, Reaction score 6, I have ten under W and that is too many plants. I usually run They will be squished for two weeks then three are coming down. I know my yield will suffer.

Joined Nov 23, Messages Reaction score KingBudha said:. Are they crowded now, are some shaded by the others? What size is the area? Joined Dec 30, Messages Reaction score It's all relative to your particular "style" of growing. I'm getting ready to start 16 under a 1kw in 24sqft but they will be from clones and flowering will begin when they are less than 10" tall. My goal is 32oz but the most I have harvested from my set-up to date is right at 24oz.

The area is roughly 6x4.These days more people than ever are growing their cannabis with autoflower seeds, and indoor growers as well as outdoor growers are having great success. The best auto genetics grow quickly and deliver THC levels which are equivalent to the best photoperiod varieties.

So, how do you make the most of your indoor autoflower grow, maximizing both the final harvest as well as the quality level? Here are some of our top tips to get the most from our auto seeds. Anyone growing in coco fiber or soil should try growing their auto seeds in air pots. Air pots are available from most grow shops — they have a dimpled surface on the sides which prevents the roots from circling around the sides and bottoms of the container.

The numerous air holes allow good levels of root oxygenation which allows your auto to grow rapidly. Air pots encourage roots to maximize the use of the grow medium and produce a strong, healthy root mass which utilizes all the available root space. Experienced cannabis growers know that the foundation of a healthy plant is a healthy root system.

Using air pots for soil or coco growing helps you to grow cannabis plants with great root systems. A W ceramic light will give similar performance to a W HPS, using less energy, and many growers feel that they are worth the price premium.

The most demanding growers prefer to use LED growlights, as these offer adjustable spectrum and adjustable power. LED can deliver a blue dominant spectrum for the first 3 weeks when the plant is growing, and the red portion of the spectrum can be increased as the plant starts to bloom.

Also, HPS produces large amounts of heat, and heat stress is something which restricts cannabis from reaching full potency.

Starting Seeds Off With Optic Led Growlights

If you can afford it, LED is the best grow light option for growing large autoflowers indoors. Some people grow their autos under 16 or 18 hours of daily light. The best growth and biggest harvests usually come from plants grown under 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest. Some growers like to grow their autos under 24 hours of daily light from seed to harvest, but this can cause nutrient deficiencies which can be challenging to correct.

Growing the auto seeds on 20 hours of daily light is the best way to a fast and heavy harvest. Auto flowers are tough. Many autoflower growers achieve XL harvests by using low stress training.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. The Autoflower Conversational Weekly Topics: 1. Myth Busting - Autoflowers Revegging can autoflowers reveg? Give us your thoughts!

Come give us your thoughts; we want to hear from you! We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers both new and experienced what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with! Appreciate any help and consideration! Click here for the thread!

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Alwaysautos Start date Jan 19, Tags w. Alwaysautos Auto Warrior. Afternoon all and welcome :styles rasta:. This is my first post in the Dutch Passion section.

I try and achieve around g every 10 weeks or so to keep me and the missus with enough to smoke. My line up is as follows: 1 x DP Auto Ultimate So 3 days ago I planted the Ultimate straight into her final resting place of a HPS High-Pressure Sodium lamps are the main choice for cannabis growers all over the world and it is because they produce very intense light that almost no other artificial light source can match.

HPS lights work by exciting electrons in a high-pressure sodium bulb. High pressure sodium lamps are good for mid and large scale autoflower growers because small growers will struggle with the heat and will most likely get their plants burned. So basically anyone who can manage the heat produced from the HPS light will be able to grow autoflowering cannabis plants under these lights and more often than not they will get more yield than from any other light source!

High-pressure sodium lamps produce mostly the yellow light and this lamp light spectrum is mostly at the end of visible light frequency. At the start of cannabis life, it needs more blue spectrum light so it could develop healthy leaves, stems, and roots.

But when cannabis starts flowering as the Sun turns yellowish red when the summer comes to end and the sun is lower at the horizon. When the sun is not in the middle of the sky it needs to travel through more dust and other particles that refract and reflect the light so the spectrum is altered and it becomes more Red and yellow! This red color spectrum is beneficial to plants because the small photosynthetic pigments that absorb red light have a bigger influence on flowering than the overall growth.

Because the photosynthetic pigments that absorb blue light send more energy to stems and leaf, more blue light rather than the red spectrum light is needed for the seedling and vegetative growth stages and because of this growers who usually use HPS lights tend to start plants under MH lamps or fluorescent tubes that can radiate the blue light.

There are various wattage HPS lamps available on the market ranging from 70W to W, but the most common ones used for indoor cannabis cultivation are W, W, W, W, and W bulbs.

Basically stronger bulbs promote more growth and are more efficient, but smaller ones are meant for smaller grows and can still be more efficient than CFL or some LED grow lights. High-pressure sodium lamps heat up the sodium vapor to increase the pressure and achieve the yellowish glow.

This heat is a constant distraction for autoflower growers because you need to introduce powerful ventilation systems to maintain the ideal autoflower grow temperature. For winter grows and grows in colder climates this heat can be beneficial to heat up your growing area to the optimum temperature but usually, the heat is an issue and you will need to install exhaust fans at the ceiling or on the reflector case! Basically ventilation takes a big part in growing autoflowers with HPS bulbs because you will need to supply ventilation that takes the heat out of the grow room as well as install oscillating fans for air circulations that will blow the heated air away from the plant canopy and allow them to be closer to the bulbs!

For W HPS you can get your plants as close as 6 inches 15 cm and they will be just fine but for stronger wattage bulbs you will need to increase the distance and the best way to measure the heat is to put your hand below the bulb and if you are comfortable then the plants will also be comfortable at that distance!

In this situation, you can get your plants closer and you can get more growth as the light will be more intense! The bulb itself will consume somewhere around the rated W of power and the ballast will chew up from 20 to 50 additional Watts so the total Wattage output is around W mark.

How to Grow Big Autoflowers Indoors

HPS light provides more lumens than any other light source but with bigger bulbs and higher wattages, you can get more efficiency watt to lumen ratio. Basically lumens are the measurement of light that says how much light is shining on one meter of space one meter away, 1 lumen being the light that a typical candle shine on that same meter.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Can I put Autoflowers straight under w hps light from seedling? Hows it Growing? Doing my first Autoflower grow, there in 5 gallon pots and just pop out t Respeck Votes: 3 Thanks for your response Votes: 2 Total voters 5 Poll closed Dec 12, Aynzli Jones Member.

Doing my first Autoflower grow, there in 5 gallon pots and just pop out the ground under my cfl light but I would like to know when I can move them under my w hps light?

ArcticGrow Member. Looking for some lighting advice myself, so I'll subb in here. I've got 2 babies under 4 cfls too. They're 12 and 7 days old.

In less than a week, I'll double the cfls but not sure when to go hps! I'm guessing by week they'll be ready to go! I'll be watching for more info too.

Shadytrees88 Active Member. I run a 4x5 grow tent2 w hidCali works solar flareand a 50w ledI put mine straight under the hid and ledsnow for the first 3 days I kept my lights high roughly 3 foot LEDs can be lil closerthen I lowered down to 18 inchs and there 22 days today and showed sex So if u keep ur heat down which my light at 3 foot high was puttin heat off at bout 77 degrees when I got it down to inchs I'm hitin My autos took fine to the light My oppion I like keepin my lights higher then mostI like to allow a small stretch over just plus bushfirst pic is like day 5 to 7 or something like thatthen the next is day Idk if uve messed with autos but there will be small slow growth till that tap hits the bottom then just crazy noticable growth each day.

Guess I'll have some work to do this evening! Shadytrees88 thanks for the reply nice plants dude. No problem any time. Now I will say this shit I bout forgot when I had my lights high like 30 inchs or whatever them ladies stretched a lot quick fast and two fell over cause the stem was weak I shoulda kept the led close then the hid but I didn't live and learn but u might wanna stake them or keep a close eyeI'm gone 15 hours a day good when I left fell over when j got homeI got 3 fans in the tent blowin air across and one fan blowing air inside so they move a lot but still high light Dnt make good stemsI would guess to say u could probly go 24 to 28 inchs with that and be good but I started around 30 ish.

Tankado78 Well-Known Member. Aynzli Jones said:. I have a two Dinafem fruit autos and a auto roadrunner along with some photos in my 4x4.Forums New posts Search forums.

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how many autoflowers under 600w hps

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How Many Autos Under W? Thread starter whitnasty1 Start date May 29, What's going on everybody? The specs for my lights are as follows I really do not have a set grow area size, I can adjust it to pretty much whatever I need to, to get the most out of my lights, and all of my surfaces will be covered with reflective Mylar.

Can I put Autoflowers straight under 600w hps light from seedling?

Hopefully my beans will arrive safe and sound tomorrow and I will be able to get started this weekend! Thanks very much for the input guys, I really appreciate it! No recommendations anyone? All help and advice is greatly appreciated!! However many you can fit under the hood which I think should be around a 4"x4" area give or take with w and most hoods. No one can really answer this question though without knowing saucer and pot size, etc I ordered some autos too that I'm going to try out.

I'm still waiting too. They took 5 days from the time I ordered to ship the damn seeds. Isn't waiting the worse part lol?

Alwaysautos 600w HPS Auto Ultimate Experiment

It reminds me of when I was a kid on Xmas Eve lol I think you could get 6 autos in 3 gallon pots maybe 2 gallon smartpots in that 4 x 4 area that would do well with your light. That's not even 1 bhp! Curious what made you choose autos? You shoud get a nice harvest growing auto Northern lights cause they are good beginner plants!

And they are great bug resisnt babys to show thats less to worry about in your grow room. It would be safe an go with 4 plants at a time simply because many noobs first grows tend to run into one issue or another Now if you run into issues, and your packing 6 babys them you could have upto 6 times MORE work to do on top of watering them all and nursing them IF they fall ill at anytime. If you need past grow diarys for reference to luse for a slight back to back guide my old NL twin grow diary is always linked in my signiture for all to browse!

I think thats enough rough guide info for noob growers. This is my first grow indoors, i have been a greenhouse grower for the past 5 years and I want to do something quick and easy just ti get my set up dialed in before I go all out and get another light.

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how many autoflowers under 600w hps

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How will I yield from 9 plants under a 600w hps digital ballast?

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