Brembo brake pads vs oem

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Nearly half the price.

brembo brake pads vs oem

Is it worth getting the oem ones again? Or just for the Brembo OE's? Anyone know the quality stiffened between the two pads? I cut my wear sensor off and soldered the wire together as the Redstuff pads didn't support Audi wear sensors, however when i looked into my coding with Vag-com the brake pad wear sensor was already disabled in special functions II, so i may have been better just unplugging it TJan 25, Apparently the Brembo sports pads are squeal free.

Do you know the pad volume from the oem Audi pads and Brembo? I never used EBC pads. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, These were my first set of replacement discs after miles look how the Audi OEM pads had scored the discs. These were the first set of pads after miles. Wow what a mess! KelzaJan 25, Our Address. Kings Mills, OH Aftermarket Brake Pads.

There are two schools of thought: 1. You should always use OEM if you can 2. OEM pads are not that good, and you can buy better performing aftermarket pads.

If you search the web and read forums, you can find support for both arguments. This just gets you even more confused. Personally, I can only speak on experiences from my Honda Accord. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. I think that it depends on the demands of your braking habits. Those cars demand a quality braking system that can handle heat and resist fade.

I just put them on paired with their ecoated rotors on a G35 with the Brembo system with great results. This is just my opinion though. If I remember right the EBC Green Stuff pads were more marketed for the lest dust kinda of customer rather than the performance braking customer. If you are looking around at different names, Akebono makes a lot of higher performance pads as well as braking systems used on OEM high performance cars. They replaced Brembo on the Z for instance.

Seems like I was on the right track with my research. I was looking at Centric, StopTech, and Akebono.

brembo brake pads vs oem

After reading a lot of posts on Honda and Acura forums, I pulled the trigger, and went with Centric premium rotors, and Akebono ProAct ceramic pads.

Car manufacturers always go with cheaper when they can Current GM issues. Nine out of ten times I prefer to use OEM branded stuff, or at least the manufacture that makes the parts that are ultimately stamped for OEM use. Partly fitment issue, partly anal retentive. When it comes to brakes I differ. Espessialy these days where costs to the manufacture are a big consideration I stay away from OEM brake pads. Unless you drive a race car or deal with a lot of brake heat from say mountain driving having cross drilled or grooved rotors will have no effect.Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Brembo vs Pagid brake discs and pads? Renn Sport Original Poster 2, posts months. So time has come for me to replace my brake discs and pads on the e46 ci. Its not a track day car and is used for commuting. However I still enjoy my braking ability.

Thoughts appreciated. Feirny 1, posts 99 months. Pagids are the better of the two in my experience, which is extensive. My Megane R26 currently has Pagid fitted all round with another set in the garage for when the time comes. A BMW specialist local to me will also only fit Pagid to vehicles. I used to work for one of the above suppliers. Whereas I'm led to believe the Pagid aren't even close to being as good as the Brembo items. At least not the cheap items that ECP sell.

Presumably that's why they're so cheap. Brembo discs are IME, superb. Used to fit the GSF ones all the time to my French cars that were tracked.

BritishRacinGrin 17, posts months. I have been consistently disappointed with OEM equivalent pads even from the big names. Dannbodge 1, posts 73 months. Never had any issues with pagid discs or pads. I would check BMW parts counter though, Older car parts aren't as expensive as you might think.

Thanks for the feedback. I have fitted Pagid to many of my cars in the past and to be honest have never had any real issues.

However I do appreciate quality if its affordable, which the Brembo items seem to be. However there hasn't been a conclusive opinion here. Hmmnn I'll have a coffee and think about it.Obviously, all three are respected manufacturers. Both your car make and priorities — low dusting, less fading, more aggressive bite, should be taken into account. When to pick Akebono: ProAct pads are one of the lowest dusting brakes out there check latest prices here.

Their intelligent ceramic manufacture US-made! Perfect for daily commutes, but their bite is weaker compared to Brembo. Just make sure you get their Euro ceramic pads this type. The only dedicated aftermarket pads for European vehicles. When to pick Brembo : As the beautiful red shims showBrembo is for those into more adventurous driving. The result? Less noise and minimized vibrations in more extreme situations.

A bit more dusting, however. When to pick Wagner: Wagner pads are very similar to how Akebono performs. TQs generate the least noise among current aftermarket pads, hands down. So, if I were to summarize things before I dig deeper into reviewing these tree brands:.

As far as I know, Wagner and Brembo manufacture around the globe — but with very strict quality control. Both are ceramic pads focused on a similar niche of drivers: low dust, daily commute, as quiet as possible brake action. The ThermoQuiet pads are a universal piece.

The friction material, the backing plate and the insulator itself are fuzed into one single component. This leads to good durability, but above all it reduces the intensity of sound and vibrations. Which is why TQs are famous for their ultra quiet, smooth braking. Well, Akebono manufacture their pads with improved initial effectiveness, which means you need no break-in. Now, be default all ceramic pads have mercy on your rotors compared to anything metallic or semi-metallic.

Forget about warping here. First, as I mentioned, the shims. Extreme use focused pads often screech unpleasantly. Second, Brembo pads allow for braking that is easy to modulate. That said, for daily commutes…Brembo remains more expensive, with more dust generation and causing a little more wear and tear on the rotors than optimal.

This is because both Akebono and Wagner are tailored and designed for general driving. For racing purposes, however, Brembo is a pretty good choice. Comparing brake pads can be highly contextual. Are you driving a sports car like a Nissan Z? Something tamer like a Honda Accord?OEM or Brembo.

I have been searching the forums for brake and rotor info and i've run into some conflicting info. Everyone says the Brembo discs are expensive, i'm finding them to be cheaper than OEM, the Balo and Zimmerman seem to be expensive.

I haven't seem much info about how these discs perform in comparison though. I'm looking for solid discs, no slotted or cross-drilled. Anyone have experience with these discs? I have nothing but praise for their performance. I have noticed no difference in performance on my BMW, and they seem to dissapate heat and resist warping better than the OEM rotors on my Toyota. For brake rotors, I would stick with OEM. See how that compares to the other brands you've found.

Some may be running Brembo's and not know it because they came in the white box with the BMW seal slapped on it. I found this on www.

I replaced the rotors and pads on my about 2 years ago. I'm pretty certain I purchased Brembo rotors at the time. I think they are indeed the OEM rotors. Dave Z. I also switched from stock front pads to Axis Deluxe.

However, braking preformance is also slightly degraded IMO. I have Brembo's, and I have a shimmy in my steering wheel when I brake now. It's only been about 10k relativly easy miles. I have Brembo rear rotors for about 10k miles now, they seem to be ok, but they got put on the car when I first got it so I have nothing to compare them to.

Fronts are BMW. One of the big differences on the Brembo units is that the center hub is not painted, so after just a few days it rusts and has stayed that way since then. The difference is night and day if you have wheels that are an open design and show the brakes, I know it bothers me every time I look at the car and see the rusty rear hub vs the nicely painted fronts.

If you get the brembo units, paint the hubs with high temp paint first. The yellowish appearance of the Brembos quickly fade to rust. I just ordered a set of rotors and pads, fronts and rears. I went with the regular brembo rotors, and axxis ultimate pads I've read pretty good stuff about these pads and although i hate the dust on my bmw oem pads, i love the bite and stopping power when i slam on my brakes at 90mph cause some moron decided to change lanes in front of me on the highway while going Anyone else tried these pads?

I was told Brembo makes oem for BMW too. You cant lose Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. OEM or Brembo ahspaoAM I have been searching the forums for brake and rotor info and i've run into some conflicting info. DesertnateAM I have been searching the forums for brake and rotor info and i've run into some conflicting info. I have no clue.By gazofcorraDecember 20, in Brakes. Hi all i thought i would post this topic after several hours of reading through the brake topics listed on this forum, now i know a few members sell various brake components at fair prices and this is not aimed at them but questions the products that they sell for the Z.

Now driving styles vary for each owner but as you have bought this car and not the nissan micra this points to you enjoying a 2 seater RWD V6 and that equals some spirited driving at times, you might even take your car to a track day session to experience it at it's best in a controlled enviroment Oh Yeah.

What is wrong with the OEM brake setup? Brembo, EBC, Tarox, Ferrodo, Mintex blah blah blah I would rather hear from other Zee owners who have spent there hard earned money on brake parts and what they think works or does not work against the standard brake package the car came with. I have the brembo OEM brakes on my veHicle and i cannot comment how good or bad they are as i have only had my car a few weeks, but coming from a Skoda 2.

brembo brake pads vs oem

I have checked my discs and the outer rotor has a slight ridge whilst the inner rotor has a bigger ridge, as i am not familiar with the thicknesses the discs should be before they are replaced i am not sure when mine will need changing but i may have to buy new discs and pads next year, the reason why wait until next year is that my Zee is my second car and only used on certain occasions, the reason for this is i live in a rural part of Shropshire and i am surrounded by hedge lined narrow lanes with no road markings as well as no street lamps and farms all over the place so for normal everyday things i use my old 4x4.

I would possibly buy Brembo discs and pads to go with my brembo calipers as we all know Brembo brakes are used on lots of performance vehicles as well as in motorsport so they are well proven to work, but this may not be the best route and that is why i have posted this topic.

I thought OEM pads were okay when I first bought the car, until Big Phil sold me some Endless pads still budget pads and the difference was very noticeable! I would never go back to OEM now. However, it all depends on your driving style and budget. My brakes were nearing the end of their lifespan, so I replaced them with Dixcel discs on the front, DBA discs on the rear and Endless pads all round. These for me Cant beat ceramics. Fantastic, and no need clean wheels constantly, due to no break dust.

Bmw Original vs Fake

Nothing wrong with OEM setup for spirited driving but it can fade quite noticably on the track - and also remember that in many cases you can get uprated kit cheaper than OEM, this is why most plump for it - 2 birds with one stone - more performance and cheaper than OEM.

EBC are fine if you realise what they are for. They are budget kit, and again are fine for spirited driving, but not track driving.

OEM front brake pads or Brembo sport front pads

Red stuff are equated to uprated pads on most cars, but for the Zed, they have admitted they are closer to stock. To update with EBC you need yellowstuff. As for the discs, again, they are fine for fast road use, but not track. The Zed being heavy it puts a lot of heat into the discs and EBC cant take it.

There are sooo many packages out there its very hard to offer advice, type of use and budget are the 2 most important factors. It sounds like you wont be tracking your car, but rather fast road useage, and you want something around more likely less than the OEM setup from a dealer. If you are going to track it though, dont be supprised if you warp the discs if you are heavy on the brakes, as they cant take too much heat. Fast road they will be fine. One thing i notice after changing to endless is now the wheels stay much cleaner.Forums New posts Search forums.

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brembo brake pads vs oem

Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter JCruse Start date Mar 24, Joined Feb 7, Messages 1, Well it's time for all new brakes all around and since I've never did brakes on a Cruiser or other heavyish truck before I thought I could use some direction. The Brembo brand I'm already a fan of so this is really about Centric vs Powerstop, or whatever plain or maybe slotted rotors are popular.

A while back I saw a lot of folks going Powerstop on here so I could use some advice. I'm using power stop slotted and there ceramic pads. Don't know if they will wear as even as the OEM taken off but been very happy with then the last 2k so far. Don't know anything about the other to make a comment. Joined Oct 22, Messages 3, Location Wax. Power Stop FTW. Amazon has them cheap! Douglas S. I used Brembo rotors.