6x47 lapua 110 smk

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mar 31, 99 69 24 Cape Girardeau,Mo. Has anyone tried the SMK in a 6x47 with favorable results? I know it's asking a lot of a small cartrige, but I'm curious. I am planning ahead for a 6x47 and wondering if it is possible or do I need to plan on sticking with Hybrids.

Jun 4, 99 49 Bozeman, MT. I can't see any reason they wouldn't, they've been shooting solid in my 6 Dasher. Definitely a drift edge vs Hybrids.We attribute the reduced drag of the new grainer to an improved hybrid-ogive bullet shape along with much smaller meplats. Sierra has not yet confirmed that it is pointing the meplats of the new 6mm s at the factory, but we expect that may be the case.

Sierra tells us that the the. In the comparison we did, our lot of new pointed s had a slightly higher BC than the [Berger] s.

6x47 and 110 SMK?

The s are significantly higher than both. The G7 numbers may be closer. Anybody currently shooting a heavy 6mm bullet in competition should look at the new gr MatchKing when it becomes available.

It could prove to be a winner. One thing you have to keep in mind is that Brians tested numbers of the smk is from a couple of years ago before Sierra started pointing them. Sierra points most if not all of their matchkings now. Which is the case sometimes.

What effect will the extra torque on the rifle have? Or have we learnt enough now from yard BR etc to deal with that issue? Editor: Matt, thanks for providing this information.

We have updated this article to reflect your test results with the pointed s and new s. Kudos to Sierra for developing this new grain MK. There seems to be considerable interest in this advanced projectile. Can you confirm that the meplats are pointed on the gr SMKs? I show a Litz G7 of 0. Has Litz re-tested the s since they were pointed? If not, kinda changes the dynamic of the above post. I will say the pointing job Sierra does on the gr 7mm bullets is very nice.

Sierra may recommend a 7 twist but i would just about bet an 8 twist will stabilize this bullet. Just as a 6mm 14 twist isnt supposed to stabilize a 68gr bullet, but it does quite well. I will be excited to get my hands on some of these new bullets for sure. I have done several test with the SMK and Hybrids side by side with different muzzle velocity out to 1, yds.

All of these test have resulted it the out performing the at the same velocity. If the is shot at around 50 fps slower the drop at 1, yds is approximately the same. As for the SMK, all I can say is that it is no joke!

6mm Sierra 110gr Matchking...

I have had the opportunity to do some testing with them and they will not disappoint. Yes — the new WILL also be pointed just as the 7mm is. This is basically a scaled down version of that successful bullet using the same 1. Thank you, Sierra!! Nope… Berger knows how to publish accurate G7 data for their own bullets.

You can do better Sierra! As far as performance goes, this new SMK looks pretty good. The solution is to provide a single G7 BC, averaged over long range. Sierra has the ability to do the same if they chose. Thanks for the explanation Bryan.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Log in Register. What's new. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter wilkup Start date Jan 5, Just curious if it performs as well in flesh and bone as it seems to do on the range. Joined Dec 4, Messages 9, Location hauser, id. At the velocity you want to shoot it at, it might! Idaho Trecker Well-Known Member. I'm going to say no. It's virtually a closed tip. I've only shot rock chucks with them and will only continue to varmint hunt with them.

I've gone away from Berger mostly but the highest bc hunting option is the Berger vld hunting which I'll use. I know you are looking at pushing them like a laser beam and are concerned if the jackets will hold up. He makes a grain 6mm and you can specify the ogive base and meplat diameter.

Hey Rich, how fast do you think we could push a gr or gr bullet in a 24" barrel? If those big bullets shoot well it sounds like you can have them make the meplat any size you want so you could have some made with closed tip for target to give you a better bc and.

For speed and bc the nosler rdf is very appealing. I have some but haven't shot them yet since I have a count of the s. The rdf are supposed to be accurate for bc which is new for nosler haha. Idaho Trecker said:. They look like they have a long bearing surface but I still think they would be better for barrel life too. I don't know but if I Had to guess they probably have a bc closer to the Berger. The is in a class all of its own from the numbers.

G1 of is huge! When I rebarrel my 6mm Ackley I'll do a 7 or 7. I put a 4 groove 7. That's good to hear. I haven't seen any threads on here that I recall with the and game dropping. Joined Dec 26, Messages Been asking about the gr Matchking various places and it would seem it's been putting together quite a resume as a big game killer. One and done on deer, black bear and even elk!Because of this, high quality factory 6.

The 6X47 Lapua has a water capacity of 45 grains, which is less than the 6mm Creedmoor 50 grains6 XC 48 grains6. It uses a standard. It seems to have a strong following of shooters who love it, as well as those who exhibit a love hate relationship with it.

6x47 lapua 110 smk

For most, this is negated by what may its biggest advantage over the 6BR and 6 Dasher- the ability to feed out of an AICS detachable magazine system- a mandatory feature for some shooters. The 6BR and 6 Dasher can work, but with significant modifications to factory magazines. The ability to simply convert 6. One pass and done. The finished barrel is I fluted it myself. The bullet was seated. They are only safe in the rifle shown and may not be safe in yours. Consult appropriate load manuals prior to developing your own handloads.

The I resized my brass with a neck die and loaded up some more rounds with it. I shot five, five-shot groups at yards. All shooting was done prone, from a bipod, with a rear bag. The rifle was equipped with a Nightforce F1 3. I would have liked to see a bunch of. The third trip to the range was a charm. After noticing slight variation in case length, I trimmed my brass and results improved. I fired these three five-shot groups at yards, averaging.

This combination of flat trajectory and low recoil are the major selling points of the cartridge. The Howa action offers a lot of potential for the precision rifle shooter. While appearing externally similar to the Remingtonfurther inspection finds many differences including a flat bottom receiver, M16 type extractor […]. The system allows the use of any AR15 stock and pistol grip and allows the […].

All content Copyright Rifleshooter. October 10, What's new? Reviews [ April 30, ] Cut and crown a shotgun barrel Gunsmithing. Home Cartridge Selection 6X47 Lapua When Sierra Bullets introduced the new 6mm. With an advertised G1 BC of.

6X47 Lapua (6-6.5×47 Lapua) Review

They are only safe in the rifle shown and may not be safe in yours. Consult appropriate load manuals prior to developing your own handloads. For all of the loads shown, target distance was yards. All shooting was conducted prone, from a bipod with a rear bag.

The Nightforce scope was set to 15X magnification. Muzzle velocity data was recorded with a MagnetoSpeed barrel mounted ballistic chronograph. In my test rifle, the SMK had an overall length of 2. I decided to start my load development with a slight. Note: this length exceeds the length of most detachable and blind magazine. Standard deviation ranged from 6. Group size ranged from. As this was my first trip to the range with the SMK, I wanted to get a rough idea of how it would perform seated at different overall lengths.

6x47 lapua 110 smk

Results are displayed below:. Working with a small sample size can make it difficult to draw conclusions with confidence. Results are shown below:. Standard deviation ranged from 4. Note that while the cartridges loaded to 2. Standard deviation ranged from 8. The G1. While we will have to wait for real world independent testing to confirm this, in my experience Sierra is extremely conservative with their BC values. My guess is they are spot on or slightly lower than what third parties will confirm in the future.

This is where it gets interesting. The lowest value for drop and drift is highlighted in each column. This is literally half of Federal Gold Medal ! Like this post? Follow Rifleshooter. Reloading the 7. Normally, if someone was tapering a barrel, it would be an unturned blank that has not […]. As an added bonus, […]. All content Copyright Rifleshooter. October 10, What's new? Reviews [ April 30, ] Cut and crown a shotgun barrel Gunsmithing.

Share this: Email Facebook Twitter Print. More great content! April 17, Bill Marr 0. January 25, Bill Marr 0.I surveyed of the top-ranked precision rifle shooters in the country about the load they were running in their match ammo.

These were the guys that finished highest in the overall season for both the Precision Rifle Series and the National Rifle League learn about the PRS and NRLand they represent the absolute best of the best when it comes to long-range rifle shooting.

6x47 lapua 110 smk

Having such a large sample size allows us to draw more meaningful conclusions on what loads and components seem to provide optimal performance across multiple rifle configurations.

Important: You should always reference a comprehensive reloading manual and start with the minimum recommended loads and work your way up. Failure to follow safe loading practices could result in severe personal injury including death or gun damage to the user or bystanders. Technical data and information are based upon survey responses from other shooters under specific conditions and circumstances. The author has not independently verified the accuracy of the data, and cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.

The information is to be used at the sole discretion of the user and the user assumes all risk. Only the 6mm Dasher and 6mm Creedmoor had more shooters represented than the 6. It was by far the most popular 6. The 6. On the chart above, the various colors represent where a shooter landed in terms of rank.

For example, black indicates shooters who finished in the top 10 in the PRS, the darkest blue is people who finished in the PRS, and the lighter the blue, the further out they finished in overall standings. The chart legend itemizes the league and ranks each color represents, but basically the darker the color, the higher up the shooters placed. The Berger gr Hybrid continues to be a very popular 6. The rest of the field was spread over a few other capable bullets, including a couple shooters who said they were running the Hornady gr ELDM bulletone of which ended in the top 10 overall in the PRS Open Division.

Of the 17 shooters who said they handload for their 6. The other 3 used Hodgdon Hand they said they used powder charge weights of Yes, one shooter provided the powder charge weight out to the 4 th decimal place! I can appreciate the eye for detail. The color on the chart represents the bullet weight they were pairing that powder charge with.

Range Vlog #042 - More ARC Mausingfield 6mm Creedmoor Testing

You can see on the chart that The shooters running in that range i. That makes the 6. Many guys say the 6. Many consider Lapua the gold standard for match-grade rifle brass. Unlike the 6XC and the 6. Both appear to be excellent choices for the 6.Make unplugged playtime a daily priority, especially for very young children. Anddon't forget to join your children in unplugged play whenever possible. Families who play together, learn together. Family participation is also great for media activitiesit encourages social interactions, bonding, and learning.

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6x47 lapua 110 smk

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